Commercial Spring Maintenance

This article provides tips and recommendations for commercial building owners to prepare their properties for the spring season.

3/25/20231 min read

Spring is a crucial time for commercial building maintenance. The winter weather can take a toll on the exterior and interior of the building, and it’s important to take care of any damage before it becomes a bigger problem. Here are some commercial building maintenance tasks that should be done in the spring:

Inspect the Roof: The winter snow and ice can damage the roof, so it’s important to inspect it for any signs of damage. Look for cracks, leaks, and missing shingles. Repair any damage immediately to prevent further issues.

Clean the Gutters: Gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris during the fall and winter. Clean them out to prevent water damage to the building.

Check the HVAC System: Spring is a good time to have your HVAC system inspected and serviced. Clean or replace air filters and check for any leaks or malfunctions.

Check the Plumbing: Check for leaks and make sure all pipes are properly insulated to prevent freezing in the winter.

Clean the Windows: Winter weather can leave windows dirty and streaky. Clean them inside and out for a clear view and better energy efficiency.

Pressure Wash Exterior: Pressure washing the exterior of the building can remove dirt and grime buildup, improving the appearance and extending the life of the building.

Inspect Fire Safety Systems: Ensure smoke detectors, alarms, and fire extinguishers are in working order to protect the building and its occupants.

By performing these spring maintenance tasks, you can keep your commercial building in good condition and prevent bigger problems down the road. Consider hiring a professional maintenance company to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively